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Upcoming events

    • 24 Apr 2018
    • 25 Apr 2018
    • Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The conference, with the theme Geospatial Enablement, is aimed at disseminating knowledge, and sharing expertise and experiences in geospatial sciences in all aspects of applications. It also aims to build linkages between local and international professionals in this field with industries. The organising committee of the conference especially requests for high-quality submissions in areas related to geospatial science and technology. Acceptance for oral / poster presentations in the conference will be based on abstract acceptance. However, only full papers that have… Read More

    • 07 May 2018
    • 10 May 2018
    • Beijing, China

    The symposium will provide a inter-disciplinary platform for experts, scholars and practitioners to present the latest developments and applications, discuss cutting-edge technologies, exchange research ideas, and promote international collaboration in the field of remote sensing. Over 500 participants from around the world are expected to join in this international academic event, and you are welcome to meet old friends and create new contacts. Read more

    • 16 May 2018
    • 19 May 2018
    • Deqing, Zhejiang, China

    International conference of Asia-Oceania Global Earth Observation System of Systems (AOGEOSS) will provide a platform for participants to discuss the key issues to promote the implementation of Asia-Oceania regional GEOSS, exchange technical experiences, and share innovative solutions in their applicability in AO regions.The training workshop will focus on knowledge spread and experience exchanging on certain domains in 2-day courses,in order to promote capacity building for access, analysis and application EO data in AO region, especially developing countries. The training course mainly consists of a series of lectures and practical exercises in some selected topics, not only introduce how to discover the EO data around the world, the key points involved in the idea, policy, methodology and new practices of data access, processing, and sharing; also include introduction of the show cases of regional concerns, discussion and practical exercises on data applications. Read More

    • 28 May 2018
    • 29 May 2018
    • Pavia, Italy

    The 2nd Italian Workshop on Radar and Remote Sensing, organized by GTTI, the Italian Information and Communication Technology group, will be held at the University of Pavia. The workshop is quite informal, and aims at providing a forum for scientific exchange among the Italian and international community in this area. Read More

    • 11 Jun 2018
    • 15 Jun 2018
    • Bonn, Germany

    The international science community is invited to participate in the EarthCARE Science and Validation Workshop, which is jointly organised by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the German EarthCARE Project Office at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) and the European Space Agency (ESA), in cooperation with our partners, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT).

    The workshop will provide the forum for the discussion of the preparation of the mission exploitation and its product validation. It combines the Seventh International EarthCARE Science Workshop – following the sixth workshop held in 2014 in Tokyo – and the First ESA EarthCARE Validation Workshop, following ESA's Announcement of Opportunity for submitting proposals for the calibration and validation of EarthCARE, to organise the activities of the Principal. The workshops will be arranged side-by-side in respective morning and evening sessions during the identified week. Read More

    • 15 Aug 2018
    • 17 Aug 2018
    • Nairobi, Kenya

    The objective of this Conference is to spur exchange of ideas on fast-tracking application of earth observation and geospatial technologies in development decision making.

    The key question is how can we use earth observation data and information to effectively address mundane problems that impact livelihoods in Africa and beyond? Read More

Past events

17 Apr 2018 Morocco Hosts 7th Digital Earth Summit 2018
09 Apr 2018 GeoSmart Asia 2018 & Locate 18
22 Mar 2018 2nd International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing
20 Mar 2018 3rd GEO Data Providers Workshop 20-23 March 2018
15 Feb 2018 Introduction to Using the VIC Hydrologic Model with NASA Earth Observations
13 Feb 2018 Advanced Webinar: Accuracy Assessment of a Land Cover Classification
05 Feb 2018 The 3rd Annual SmallSat Symposium | February 5th - 8th
15 Jan 2018 Geospatial World Forum 2018
11 Dec 2017 United Nations/South Africa Symposium on Basic Space Technology "Small Satellite Missions for Scientific and Technological Advancement"
23 Nov 2017 GEO|Design + BIM
20 Nov 2017 AfriGIS 2017
08 Nov 2017 2nd International Conference on Geosciences and Remote Sensing
04 Oct 2017 Esri Eastern Africa
02 Oct 2017 2017 Satellite Innovation Symposium
06 Aug 2017 InterDrone Commercial Event
23 Jul 2017 IGAARSS 2017
28 Jun 2017 Africa's 8th Annual GIS Summit
13 Jun 2017 2nd AfriGEOSS Symposium
24 Oct 2016 AARSE2016
18 Oct 2016 International Conference & Exhibition Advanced Geospatial Science & Technology (TeanGeo 2016)
26 Sep 2016 SPIE Remote Sensing 2016
12 Sep 2016 Geomatics Indaba 2016
01 Aug 2016 World Congress on GIS and Remote Sensing
12 Jul 2016 ISPRS Prague 2016
10 Jul 2016 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS)
13 Jun 2016 6th edition of the International Conference on Cartography
07 Jun 2016 Citizen Observatories for Water Management
19 May 2016 International Conference on Applied Geology & Environment (iCAGE 2016)
10 May 2016 Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science
10 May 2016 5th Geospatial Conference in Tunis GCT2016
10 May 2016 International Radar Symposium (IRS)
09 May 2016 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium
02 May 2016 IEEE Radar Conference
27 Apr 2016 AfriGEOSS Symposium 2016: EO for the Africa we want
26 Apr 2016 The International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management (GISTAM 2016)
17 Apr 2016 Mapping, Monitoring & Modelling of Vegetation Characteristics using Earth Observation (EGU 2016)
13 Apr 2016 10th International GIS-Forum: Integrated Geospatial Solutions – the Future of Information Technologies
11 Apr 2016 Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment (MicroRad 2016)
04 Apr 2016 Fourth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment (RSCY2016)
04 Apr 2016 SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing
23 Mar 2016 Spatial Data Science for Professionals
25 Feb 2016 ICRS 2016: 18th International Conference on Remote Sensing
17 Jan 2016 International Remote Sensing Conference - Saudi Arabia
23 Nov 2015 Advanced Gis - Spartial Analysis Workshop
11 Nov 2015 Esri Africa User Conference
30 Oct 2015 National consultative workshops to support SASDI implementation
27 Oct 2015 2015 IEEE Radar Conference
21 Oct 2015 International conference of Geospatial Techniques in Geosciences
20 Oct 2015 South African Group on Earth Observations (SA-GEO) Symposium
30 Aug 2015 UAV-g 2015 Conference
11 Aug 2015 Geomatics Indaba 2015 (GI 2015)
06 Aug 2015 3rd Conference on Advances in Geomatics Research
26 Jul 2015 IGARSS 2015 in Milan
22 Jul 2015 8th International Workshop on the Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images
14 Jul 2015 7th ITEE International Conference 2015
22 Jun 2015 1st International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing 22 June to 5 July 2015
26 May 2015 United Nations/Germany International Conference on Earth Observation, 26-28 May 2015, Bonn
11 May 2015 36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE)
22 Apr 2015 The 12th International Symposium for GIS and Computer Cartography for Coastal Zone Management
01 Apr 2015 Geo-Tunis 2015
29 Jan 2015 NASA to launch SMAP, a soil moisture satellite
20 Nov 2014 2nd International Conference of GIS users (Meknes_GIS-USERS)
13 Nov 2014 GEO-XI
12 Nov 2014 GEO-Energy Summit & Educational Forum 2014
27 Oct 2014 AARSE 2014
01 Jun 1990 1990 Annual Meeting
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